" I look forward to seeing the impact ripple across the city and ultimately the country." - Jim Shelton, Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Education

Very interesting and informative! I learned a lot of new information. I especially enjoyed the chapter about math and language. We would very much like Dr. Pandey to return to complete her training for our teachers.”  - 
Devorah Nathan, Regional Director, St.Vincent de Paul
Head Start, Baltimore

"Dr. Pandey brings a fresh perspective.  This
resource is beneficial to the overall  interaction between teacher & student, student & staff, and staff & families."
- Jacqueline Dorsey, Education Coordinator, Umoja Head Start

Language Building Blocks

Milwaukee Public Radio Interview (March 4, 2013: on the value of incorporating other language varieties in the classroom-- creating global citizens by sharing our lang. wealth).
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