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Language Building Blocks

Using Play Skills to ​Improve Communication ​Abilities in Young Children

Be prepared to bring out your inner-child as you ​encourage your little ones through play and other ​activities. And through play, we hope to support your ​child’s communication and social skills.

About Us

Our Mission


-Build foundational and functional communication skills.

-Encourage organic social skills during play with peers.

-Educate and support parents to build play skills in their child.

Our Vision

Build communication skills through social play interactions in ​young children. Allowing for parents/caregivers to learn and ​foster play in other environments while also building community ​with other parents.


Young Moms with Their Kids

ages: 0-5 yrs

2 hours

12 sessions

Learn & Play

Price: $120 per session

Learn & Play is a semi-structured ​playgroup led by a speech language ​pathologist.

For children with all abilities.

-Includes: music & movement, ​books, play, and snack time.

-Learn ways to encourage ​communication skills.

-Build social skills through play.

-Connect with other ​parents/caregivers.

Dates: 9/3, 9/10, 9/17, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, ​10/​1​5​,​ ​1​0/22, 10/29, 11/12, 11/19, 12/3

Kids Playing with Teacher in the Classroom

3-5 years old

2 hours

12 sessions

Talk & Pl​ay

Price: $165 per session​

Talk & Play is a structured playgroup ​led by a speech language pathologist.

For children with all abilities with ​speech & language delays.

-Includes: music & movement, ​books, sensory play, arts & crafts, ​play, and snack time.

-Weekly Themed Activities

-Support and use communication ​skills.

-Connect with other ​parents/caregivers.

Dates: 9/4, 9/11, 9/25, 10/2, 10/9, 10/16, ​10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 12/4

Client consulting with a agent

Appointment only

1​ hour


Pri​ce: $80

Virtual/ Onsite

-Provide coaching to help ​parents/caregivers carry over ​communication strategies with their ​young children into other ​environments and settings.

-Answer questions about speech & ​language, and social skills concerning ​young children.

-Provide additional community ​resources that aids in overall ​development of young children.

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Playdate for toddlers

Ages: 0-8yrs

2 hours

Appointment only


Varies but starts at $16.50 per child

Host your next Playdate with us.

-Our space can hold a max of 6 ​children. Have to pay for at least 4 ​kids to book appointment.

-Parents/caregivers have to keep an ​eye on their children during ​playdates.

Typically held: Afternoons (1-3pm)

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Business Training

Dates Vary

Parent Training

Varies but start​s at $65

Parent Trainings are to teach, provide ​resources and support parents raising ​young children with all abilities.

-Topics: Gestault Language ​Processor, Supporting Children with ​challenging behaviors, Mental health ​support, Uniquely Raising Autistic ​Children.

Next session begins: TBD

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Creative kids. Creative Arts and Crafts Classes in After School Activities.

Ages: 4-8yrs

2 hours

6 sessions

Art & Pla​y

Price: $80 per session

Art & Play is an art club that ​combines the creativity of art and the ​fun of play.

-Includes: arts & crafts, play, and ​snack time.

-Engaging in fun weekly arts and ​crafts activities.

-Build social skills while interacting ​and playing with peers.

-Have fun and build friendships!!!

Typically Held: Saturdays(dates ​TBD)

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Meet The Owner

Yemi Idowu, M.S. CCC-SLP

“Over my years in early intervention, I learned that many parents do ​not know how to play with their children” - Ms. Yemi

Ms.Yemi is the owner of Language Building Blocks. She is a licensed ​and ASHA certified speech language pathologist with a focus in early ​intervention. Ms. Yemi loves working in early intervention because she ​gets to work with the entire family unit. As a mother of a neurodiverse ​child on the spectrum, one thing that was a struggle was learning play ​skills that supported communication and social skills.

While working with various families over the years in early intervention, ​many families expressed the need to find playgroups that they could ​take their children to build their communication and social skills. Ms. ​Yemi realized there weren’t many places offering these services. And ​as a result Language Building Blocks was birthed.

The hope is to build a communicty that supports children through play ​while giving their parents hope by building relationships with other ​parents with similar interests and goals as themselves.

Mothers with Children of Different Ages Gathered Together


Frequenctly Asked Questions

Ar​e the playgroups speech therapy?

No, the playgroups are groups of parents/caregivers and their ​children that engage in various activities and play to support ​various developmental skills. Our playgroups being led by a ​speech language pathologist allows for a heavy focus on ​building ​communication and social skills.

Are the playgroups co​vered by insurance?

Unfortunately our playgroups are not covered by insurance as ​they are not speech therapy services that are billable to ​insurance​.

Ho​w often do you run your groups?

This varies based on the playgroup. Some have 6 sessions and ​some have 12 sessions. We offer fall sessions and spring sessions ​wi​th summer activities.

How many children in the playg​roups?

This varies based on the playgroup. Some have 4 children and ​some have 6 children. Sp​acing is limited

Can we drop off and leave our children during th​e playgroups​?

No, the playgroups requires the presence and participation of ​the ​parent/cargiver of the children.

Language Building Blocks

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